Investment To NextDroid LLC Is Completed

Coming into November, the fund has made an investment to NextDroid LLC which provides diagnostic and validation services to autonomous driving industry.

Autonomous-driving technologies set to transform mobility industries, technology, cities, and the environment, on a global scale.  While autonomous-driving market is expanding rapidly, the self-driving vehicles as its core products are not safe, yet.  The very basis of the software and hardware that make self-driving vehicles possible are less than perfect, and still evolving. Due to increased attention for safe operations and ultimately, a regulatory environment, the market is in need of something to assist in validating the performance of self-driving vehicles as a whole,  as well as its hardware/software components. NextDroid design and build a diagnostic tool that autonomously records and assesses faults of sensors and behaviors.  It provides a unique data product to assist and accelerate validation of critical components and features, reducing time and cost, and ultimately improving safety. The products serve three portions of the market: design, manufacturing and maintenance.  The company has early revenues in excess of $10M, a developed product with strong client endorsements and a veteran team in place.