Investment in 2 New Companies are completed

We completed the investment of 2 new companies during the summer, Neural Dynamics Technologies and InMapz. The following is a brief introduction of them. Neural Dynamics Technologies, NDT for short, ( was founded by a research scientist and a post doc at MIT who specialized in deep brain stimulation (DBS) researches. They are developing high-precision […]

Investment in is completed

We have made an investment in Inc., a start up company that is in the process building a biomedical R&D AI/ML platform. The company’s aim is to build a No-code Auto machine learning platform for Biomedical and life science R&D. Although still in its early stage, it has already built a beta version of […]


GCAIA Capital Year End Summary for 2021

Dear Investors, 2021 turned out to be quite a challenging year for everyone and all businesses. It was especially true for the start ups. The work-from-home and persistent threat of corona virus created a very difficult environment for small start ups to operate and to thrive. This has a direct impact on our investments. We […]


Investment in Advanced Silicon Group (ASG)

Our fund have invested in Advanced Silicon Group (ASG). The Company develops advanced biosensors for biopharmaceutical companies using silicon Nanowire photoelectric technology. The use of nanowire creates a high surface to volume ratio, which makes the sensors more sensitive to low proteins. Furthermore, the sensor allows rapid testing at a low cost. The same test […]


Investment in Conversifi Completed

Our fund has made a small investment in Conversifi. Conversifi developed a multi-sided platform that connects language learners with native speakers for on-demand conversations over video chat. We first investigated the company in February of this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we suspended the due diligence in late March. Then back in September, we restarted the […]


Investment in a Life Science Tools company, S2 Genomics

Our fund have invested in a Life Science Tools company, S2 Genomics. S2 Genomics is a Life Science tools company.  The company has developed SingulatorTM  using patented technology to automates preparation of single cell and nuclei suspensions from solid tissues on cartridges.  The product has just been commercially released.  With many back orders from various industrial clients, the company […]


New Investment to SharingOS

The fund has invested in SharingOS, a company specialized in Micromobility (move within 0-5 miles) market. In the global micromobility market, almost all the vehicles are powered by batteries.  SharingOS has developed a smart battery optimization software platform and distributed smart swappable batteries. The benefits of the swappable battery design by SharingOS allows vehicle operating […]


Investment to CRISP-HR Therapeutics, Inc. is Completed

After a few months hibernation due to covid-19 pandemic, your fund managers were back to work in June, starting looking for next startups to invest.  Following two months of analyzing many companies and performing due diligence on a couple of promising ones, we have made investment to CRISP-HP Therapeutics, Inc., a generic engineering company, focusing […]


GCAIA Capital May 2020 Update

Although the fund has temporarily suspended any new investment activities since March, 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, your fund managers have been working diligently to manage our existing portfolio, keeping frequent contacts with the companies our fund have invested in.  As expected, the COVID-19 has affected the operations of almost all our invested companies.  However, […]


Investment to Corsha Is Completed

Last week, we made an investment in Corsha (, a cyber-security company based in Northern Virginia. We are living in the era of hybrid cloud where APIs are the “digital glue” that connect IaaS and other private and public networks. Unfortunately, API is the weakest link in network security arena. API authentication lags far behind […]