GCAIA Capital is the angel investment fund under Greater Capital Area Investors Association. It was established in 2019. The primary objective of the fund is to invest at the early stages of startups, typically before series A funding.
A fund such as this one offering high risks and rewards is a natural complement to a well-diversified portfolio. Successful early investments in private companies can be huge difference makers in your wealth-building strategy. In fact, the early stage investors receive more favorable terms compared to other lenders, since they usually invest in the
entrepreneur starting the business in addition to the viability of the business.

Investment Strategy

Our target startups are all within U.S. Majorities of them are local to Washington D.C. area. We strive to a Smart and Simple Investing philosophy. Our strategies are:

1. Co-Investing with the Best

We invest alongside the top angel investors in the Washington D.C. area. Our scout network consists of successful entrepreneurs who are domain experts, U.S. top engineering school graduates with diversified background, most are in the frontier fields, and active angel investors throughout the U.S.

2. Small bets, Large, Diverse Portfolio

We plan to make 20-40 investments in each series, diversified by sector and geography. Our bets are small, so less is at stake in any one investment.

3. Chasing Winners

We will pursue a chase-the-winners strategy, keeping significant reserves to double down in the top investments that prove themselves.

Benefits of Early Staging Investing

  • Your chance to invest like an insider in game-changing innovation.
  • Participate in huge value quality creation pre-IPO and pre-acquisition
  • Higher quality investment opportunities
  • Invest directly in your interests: early stage startups, social impact, minority entrepreneurs and more