Recent Investment To Everix Optical Filters Is Completed

After we made the investment to NextDriod LLC in early November, we have made another investment to Everix Optical Filters ( before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The optical filters can be used almost everywhere, such as auto-driving vehicle sensors, medical devices, night vision goggles, smart watches, auto glass, even architectural glass, just name a few. High-performance optical filters have become a key component of modern technology. The overall market is estimated at hundreds of billion dollars.

Traditionally, the OEM of optical filters have had two choices. Inexpensive filters that have poor selectivity or expensive bulky filters with sharp edges and high selectivity. To meet the need for low-cost, high-volume optical filters, Everix has developed a patented process that replaces traditionally expensive vacuum deposition with a much less expensive thermal drawing tower. This new process can produce optical filters at scale to reduce production costs by an order of magnitude. Its products are more scalable, thinner and lighter and flexible (can apply to curved surfaces). The company was found in 2015. It has assembled a well rounded experienced team. The founder has a Ph.D. in Optical material field. One of the directors has 25 years experience in optical startup. Another director was the president of another optics company.
The company already have a customer base which spreads to many different industries, such as R&D and universities, Semiconductors, Life science and medical, defense & aerospace, manufacturing, etc. It has about $450K revenue with limited production capacity in 2019. We believe with additional investment and new manufacturing machines, it can grow rapidly.