Investment to Corsha Is Completed

Last week, we made an investment in Corsha (, a cyber-security company based in Northern Virginia. We are living in the era of hybrid cloud where APIs are the “digital glue” that connect IaaS and other private and public networks. Unfortunately, API is the weakest link in network security arena. API authentication lags far behind the innovations that have been used to improve human authentication, such as multi-factor authentication. During the past, several cyber-security breaches were through APIs, such as the breach happened on November 2018 at US Postal Service site. API authentication is a massive gap in enterprise cyber-security sphere. Corsha has applied a patented technology that will enhance API authentication process.  After the completion of successful evaluations with large retailers, its products have gained attraction with some notable customers, including Bank of America (pilot),  Department of Home Land Security (Paid pilot since Aug 2019) and Deloitte, just name a few. We anticipate its products to gain recognition within government agencies and other large private organizations in the coming years.

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